Let Your Voice Shine!

I'm on a mission to honor people's voices and to help them SHINE! As a proud member of two Toastmasters Clubs, the spirit of people sharing and growing together in Toastmasters truly inspires me. 

Through hosting radio shows on WPFW Washington 89.3 FM and my own television talk show, I learned to honor people's voices and shine a light on their stories. 

At Toastmasters, I hear so many amazing voices. Speech evaluation and coaching is my way to honor those voices and help them SHINE!

The world is brighter and blessed when you honor your voice, your soul and share it with our world. 

To Your Own Soul, Be True

Do you listen to that voice within that nudges you forward? I gave this speech at my National Speakers Association DC Chapter Academy graduation. A message that I lived and must share. To your own soul, be true!